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Natural wines that express place and time in every drop.

Our wines are unfiltered, unoaked, never sulfited, and naturally beautiful.

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History. Made.

1-20150310_163311-001In the wine world, things can take a while. Not just for the grapes to grow and for the wine to be made, but for changes in mindset and agricultural practices.

It took a while, but it’s here.

The Maverick

The first certified organic wine grown and produced in San Diego County.


We’re extremely excited and blessed to be working with Page Organics in Ramona, source for our certified organic Malbec and Petit Verdot. The vineyard isn’t big, and we can’t make much of it (just 28 cases), so we relish every drop.

Driven with bold aromas of damp forest floor, dried fig, red plum, thyme, blackberries, and pencil lead.

Nothing added, nothing taken away. Unoaked, unfined, unfiltered, never sulfited, and naturally beautiful. Most is allocated to our wine club – the remainder is available in the tasting room while it lasts.

Pruning and Rehabilitation

1-Sam Wells photography - Food Blog - travel - German Bakery - slowdowncookmore.com_14The Ahmeur Vineyard just started its rehabilitation last season. For the last 20 years of its 80 year life, it received no attention – not just no pruning, but no brush clearing and no watering! Much of the original vineyard is lost, but the vines that have survived are big, old, gnarly and just… gorgeous.

Last year after discovering the vineyard, we got the okay from the land owner to clear the brush and start caring for the vineyard. It went through its first pruning last year, and we just finished the second. While it will take two or three more years to finally get the vineyard back in shape, we are hoping to get a small harvest from it this year.

Urban Wineries in Reader

reader-urban-wineriesYou already knew, but now more people do too! Check out this great cover story article in the San Diego Reader about us and San Diego Urban Wineries!

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